Le Petit Chef

Knife and finger guard

Opinel Knife and Finger Guard

This children’s knife set is an excellent way to help children learn to use a knife and peeler safely. Children should never be left alone with sharp knives a fact that we at fiveotherwise take very seriously so please take note and supervise them closely. However the added features of the ring to safely grip the knife or peeler coupled with the finger guard mean that your child can learn as safely as you can supervise them. It’s a great place to start learning to chop vegetables and help out in the kitchen. Direct the child on how to hold the knife and make sure they keep their fingers out of the way. Guide their hands and make sure knives never leave the cutting surface. Everyone has to start somewhere and this is a good way to safely introduce your growing family into using knives in the kitchen.

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Opinel Le Petit Chef Complete Set

"Le Petit Chef" complete set is composed of the knife, the peeler and the red finger guard.


Children should be supervised at all times while in the kitchen and especially when using equipment. You know your child’s ability but never leave them unattended.

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